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Quit Smoking

If you are ready to quit, let Ahimsa Laser Therapy's techniques make it faster and easier for you to end your addiction.

Together we will address all three parts of the addiction:

The Physical Addiction

A low level (non-invasive) laser will pulsate mild sensations on specific acupressure points on your ears, hands, and face.  This treatment stimulates the release of endorphins and calms the nervous system.  Endorphins are the body's natural mood elevators.  This massive natural "high" is felt immediately, mirrors the relaxing effects you feel when you smoke a cigarette, and lasts 4-6 weeks.


The Psychological Mind Games

Counselling during your treatment will teach you how to eliminate negative thoughts and cravings, to deal with triggers and patterns, and to cope with your life, without nicotine.  You will leave with written material to remind you how to stay in control.

The Detoxification

During your treatment you will learn the recommended steps to help your body eliminate the addictive chemicals from the nicotine.  After following the Detox Protocol for 30 days, your body is completely cleansed of toxins and the physical part of the addiction is over.

The Quit Smoking Package ($325) includes:

- one 60 minute laser treatment

- consultation

- printed materials

- detoxification supplements

- second laser treatment within two weeks

- on-going support

Optional Add-On Treatments:

- Appetite Suppression  $50

      For those who are concerned with weight gain associated with quitting smoking.

- Relaxation & Stress Reduction  $50

      For those who are feeling anxious, stressed, or not sleeping well.

- Booster Treatment  $100

      For those who need a little extra help to remain free of nicotine.

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