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Stress Reduction

You can reduce your stress and learn healthy ways to approach your life with Ahimsa Laser Therapy.

You will learn simple and positive ways to reduce tension, cope with stress more easily, and improve the quality of your life.

Laser Therapy will calm your nervous system, help you feel more relaxed, improve the quality of your sleep, boost endorphins, and change the way your body interprets stress and challenging situations.

A low level (non-invasive) laser will pulsate mild sensations on specific acupressure points on your ears, nose, hands, neck,


shoulders, and between your eyebrows.   This treatment stimulates a powerful surge of endorphins to help you relax.  Two weeks later, the second treatment builds upon the first, further elevating your body's serotonin and dopamine levels to give you an increased sense of well-being.

Counselling during treatment will teach you how to eliminate negative thoughts, to deal with triggers and patterns, and to cope with your life more effectively, without stress.  You will leave with written material to remind you how to make simple and effective lifestyle changes.

The Stress Reduction Package ($300) includes:

- one 60 minute laser treatment

- consultation

- tools to help you make simple lifestyle changes & cope with challenges more effectively.

- printed materials

- a second 30-40 minute laser treatment (two weeks later) with additional consultation and support

* A four-session package ($400) includes all of the above plus two additional laser treatments.

** Prices may vary as this package can be tailored to each person's individual needs.

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